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TiffanyThis Argan Oil conditioner smells soo yummy (along with the shampoo). I use this conditioner along with the shampoo and I love it together. It makes my hair feels so soft, shiny, and healthy.

Debbie Ann: Keeps my hair soft and smells like a dreamsicles! Awesome! :)

Superb:AMAZING! Have you ever seen those shampoo-commercials where the hair looks SOOO strong & healthy? I've tried pure silicon sprays, oils, and plenty more .. but nothing is like this product! It doesn't look greasy, it smells fantastic, and works like a blaze, make the hair reflecting the light, and make split-ends DISSAPPEAR! I love it!

Karen: Love this product! Keeps my hair silky, soft, and shiny. I don't spray it directly on my hair though. I spray twice into the palm of my hand, rub my hands together to spread it, and then work the product starting at the ends of my hair and working upwards. Really seems to protect hair from heat styling products and helps my hair look healthy all day long.

Bitersnake: This is quite a miraculous product for use on my full cap hair system. I wear medium length hair (by guy standards -ie. 4-5 inches) and I have always found it tricky to manage hair of this length because if not styled well, it can look utterly shambolic and puffy. I use this gel after my daily conditioning routine to hold the longer hair on the side in a swept back position and to add some style to on the front as well. Its extremely gentle on the hair thanks to the natural composition but at the same time, it works amazingly well as a medium-hold gel and has absolutely no tendency to make hair greasy or heavy. Fantastic product.

Bald and Sassy:This product works well for my ethnic hair. It is not heavy and has a mild scent. The hold is not hard, but is is good for fly away hairs. It does not flake and combs out well.  

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