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NearlyNatural    Softening Solution


Important User Information: If you have never used the NearlyNatural®

Softening Solution we recommend to try on a small area for testing how your hair will respond . ALWAYS SPRAY A SMALL TEST AREA FIRST. 

NearlyNatural® Softening Solution is not a leave in conditioner and must be washed from the hair after 3-5 minutes. Always apply NearlyNatural® Argan or Soy Conditioner after spraying Softening Solution on the hair. Allow to set in the hair up to 3-5 minutes and wash . 

Ingredients: Water (Aqua) MarisSal (sodium,chloride potassium,Magnesium, Macrocystis priferaextra (sea kelp),Aloe,BCT, Polysorbate-20,Fragrance, Methylchloroisthiazolinone,MethylisothiazolinoneBlue #1 (Cl42053), Yellow #5 (CL 19140)

Keep out of the reach of children 

Keep away from the eyes 

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